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Being able to have this ‘professional’ website (a gift from my friend Alex) is a milestone of sorts in my ‘art career’. Although art is certainly my primary passion now, it hasn’t always been so. Around the turn of the millenium my future was very undecided, and my future direction was uncertain. So I took time to write ‘my story’ and now it seems adding it here in the website might complement all the images. So, for your entertainment and my gratitude- the real tomjonesmen.

> part 1: I got a job at the Barn Dinner Theater
> part 2: The summer session at the country’s premier               school for fashion
> part 3: I moved to High Point to be near work
> part 4: The plan was for me to meet up with Walter in               Vichy
> part 5: The boy I pledged to love and live for is now a               middle-aged man
> part 6: By this time Ulf and I had been through a lot               together
> part 7: Somewhere to store our stuff

> part 8: Celibacy was an idea toyed with

> part 9: Closing out the millennium