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If you'd like to know more about me, my art, prices, whatever, send me an email and I'll add you to my email list. It's there that I share info related to creating and marketing my most recent art.

These journal entries will answer some questions you might have and give you an idea of what was in my head at the time. It’s info you can’t always get easily because 1) it's a rebellion against today's invasions of privacy and 2) it takes time to respond in depth about things important to me.

As time goes on, it's obvious that electronic communication doesn't have the intimacy of a written letter as I'd formerly innocently felt and the motivation to share my thoughts and experiences to "strangers passing by with their eyes" is no longer there. But perhaps, as an act of ...what? civil disobedience? there are reasons enough to justify posting all this and even more. If only to know what happens then :-)


2009 Rabbit in a Hat
2008 Doom and Gloom Knockin, Should I Let Them In?
2007 The Shadow
2006 Seven Year Itch
  Looking back
  Some Day Baby
  What's A Friend Worth?
2004 Big Romance
  Extreme Makeover
  Joey Comes Home, Mexico Calls
2003 Iraq Connection
  A Blast from the Past
  Wintering in Rio
2002 The Wrestling Series
  The Lockup
  Millitary Muscle
  Talk about Prices
  Big Dicks
  Brazilian Beauty
  Verdera Tropical
  The Beaches in Rio
2001 Harry Bush SixPack
  Bus to Sao Paulo